•  Magnetic Eyeliner} -This upgraded waterproof magnetic eyeliner and lashes kit comes with a special eyeliner that contains ultra-fine magnetic particles that allow the magnetic eyelash to easily connect. The eyeliner is also smudge-proof and is used with a familiar brush. And the appearance of the bottle is also very delicate.
  • { No Glue & Irritation-free Reusable Magnetic Eyelashes} -professional A+ handmade eyelashes embedded with tiny high-strength magnets, perfect work with magnetic eyeliner, totally long-lasting, glue free application and natural look.
  • { Waterproof & Quick Drying} -Our magnetic eyeliner was created with a water-resistant formula so you don’t need to stress so much on those rainy days and wet activities. And these magnets are small but strong to make sure you have your gorgeous look all-day long. After applying magnet eyeliner , do not have to wait too long to be able to put magnet eyelashes.Note: Tighten the liquid eyeliner bottle after using this product to prevent volatilization.
  • { Natural Beauty} -Most fashionable eyelashes can give you a natural and beautiful look. Put those thin, long lashes on your eyes then your eyes will look bigger, more beautiful and attractive. Of course, you look more beautiful.
  • { 100% Sincere After-sales Service} -Jomarto is a 100% reputable Amazon seller. Safe after-sales service will escort your shopping. 
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Makeup Category:  Eyes
Brands:  Ardell
Type:  False Eyelashes
Colour:  Blacks
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Magnetic Eyeliner and Magnetic Eyelash Kit, Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof With FREE Tweezer For Use With Magnetic False Lashes,Reusable

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Product Highlight: most fashionable lashes that makes you amazing and beautiful.
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